Dental Chart for iPad is an application that gives the Dentist a simple and easy way to maintain an electronic clinical record of their patients.


An application to take your textbooks wherever you go.


Just tap the tooth.

Key Features:

- Registration of performed procedures;
- Ability to print the charts;
- Black and White mode for printing;
- You can choose the colors of dental materials;
- Multiple charts for each patient;
- You can rename, create, copy, delete and rearrange charts;
- A notebook for each chart;
- You can adjust the brightness of the background for better visualization;
- Deciduous and permanent dentition;
- FDI and Universal tooth numbering system;
- Fully configurable Gingival Margin and Probing Depth;
- Photo galleries for each patient.
- Anamnesis.
- Reminders.
- Password protection.

Dental Components:

- Amalgam;
- Composite Filling;
- Glass Ionomer;
- Provisional Restoration;
- Occlusal Sealant;
- Esthetic Crown;
- Metal Crown;
- Temporary Crown;
- Onlay / Inlay;
- Indirect Restoration;
- Dowel Core;
- Bridge;
- Root Canal;
- Periapical Lesion;
- Decay;
- Direct Veneer;
- Indirect Veneer;
- Unsatisfying Treatment;
- Gingival Margin;
- Probing Depth;
- Implant;
- Mobility;
- Bleeding Sites;
- Fracture;
- Furcation Lesion;
- Apicectomy.
An application to take your textbooks wherever you go.

- Do you have textbooks that is not in digital format?
- Or don't want to buy the same book in digital format?
- This app is for you.

- Use your device camera to capture book pages;
- You can also capture outside the application and import later;
- Arrange pages with drag and drop ease;
- Make markings without damaging your book;
- Get rid of carrying heavy books;
- Gorgeous page turn effect;
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